About Us

Company Overview

Dermodality is a professional skin care line developed for estheticians, spas and medi-spas. As a leader in the esthetic's industry, we are continuing to expand across the United States and worldwide. It is our advanced product formulations that keep our estheticians competitive with the medical esthetics industry. As the baby boomer's are continuing to age the demand for medi-spas has increased over 35% in the past two years. The need for increased knowledge, up-to-date techniques and quality products are how we provide results oriented treatments in today's competitive market.
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Our Mission
The goal of Dermodality Skin Solutions is to support the success of estheticians and skin care technicians by providing quality clinical skin care technologies and educational opportunities to increase client retention and profitability. Dermodality developed the proprietary process of pre-conditioning and layering of chemical peels. This allows for the greatest amount of efficacy with little down time. By pre-conditioning the skin and combining these layered protocols with various modalities as in microdermabrasion, radio frequency, oxygen infusion and micro-needling the results are like those never seen. The process is a balance of unique chemical formulas with measured clinical protocols and home care using high concentrations of actives to ensure amazing results.
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