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Download a product protocol or manual as a PDF; each is ideal for printing and referencing.


H2T Spa and Dermodality offer the greatest and finest skin care products in the region. We not only provide our own body and skincare lines i.e. h2t and DMD, but have an exceedingly wide education base. We are possibly the best in spa education as we offer free guides and brochures to anyone who requires support. H2T Spa’s extensively rich and informative educational guides act as the best associate for anyone who’s new to this industry, or wants to use the products at home.

Our “Prescription Facial System” gives a complete and detailed guide about the facial procedure. It explains basically everything that a person needs to know about a facial with a lot of additional information. The “Prescription System Favorite Protocol” also gives a very thorough and explanatory clarification of what needs to be done to overcome various skin problems for different aged people.

The particularly designed H2T product line includes a Head to Toe Pumpkin Peel Treatment. We clearly explain the method of how to use it along with before and after pictures. The brochure for the customized treatment is perfectly clarified. The comprehensive Pedicure Treatment gives understandable and comprehensible instructions explaining the way to perform a pedicure, with the H2T collection, and the positive effects that it presents. H2T has a separate category that provides guides for the feet and hands. The foot therapy, like all others, is highly informative and gives an extensive amount of information along with additional.

Perhaps, the most educational guide is the “Product Knowledge Manual”. It gives the complete summary of each and every one of the products in the H2T body and skincare range. It supplies an introduction to the product followed by features and benefits which also include the ingredients. It even gives the directions of how to use each and every product.

The Dermodality guide is one of the most helpful and the most comprehensive of all. It basically summarizes everything that all the other guides have informed. It tells everything about the Pumpkin Peels, Sun Block and Acne Treatment Tools along with a lengthy introduction of each.

H2T Spa is perhaps the best and one of the most excellent product lines with a broad learning foundation. It has the best quality products along with great educational wealth.
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