(h2t) Prescriptive Blending System

h2t Prescriptive Blending System

Assess the Skin's 7 Zones

Customize Formulas

Prescribe Home Treatment

professional skin care blending system
13-Piece Prescription Facial System

This system is a sophisticated kit of blended raw materials that enables the esthetician to completely customize service treatments specific to primary and underlining conditions present in each of the seven facial zones. (h2t) uses raw, concentrated components are free of additives and fillers. Spa professionals blend unique formulations specific to the individual, which provide results no one can replicate. When our complexes are added into our masks, the strength is 500% stronger with Prescription System actives and the highest concentration formulation the FDA allows.

multi vitamin skin product

Multi-Vitamin Complex replenishes the skin of its often depleted essential vitamins and nourishment to aid in environmental repair and moisture retention. Combats free radical fine lines and wrinkles.

anti irritant complex

Anti-Irritant Complex is formulated to neutralize the irritation so further damage does not result. Used for adverse environmental conditions, such as shaving, sun, waxing and wind. Not recommended for pre-existing conditions such as rosacea.

anti oxidant complex

Anti-Oxidant Complex is known for its exceptional value in reducing and normalizing free-radical damage. Anti-Oxidant Complex is unique and very effective in aiding in the repair and nourishment of the skin.

skin exfoliation professional product

Exfoliation Complex is beneficial, aiding in dislodging intercellular fluid in preparation for extractions. Should only be used for exfoliation / pre-extraction treatments. Use only with Oatmeal Mask or Moisture Serum.

anti inflammatory product

Anti-Inflammatory Complex is the perfect blend for neutralizing any treatment that has resulted in inflammation or pre-existing conditions that have led to inflammation, such as rosacea.

multi mineral complex

Multi-Mineral Complex is a unique blend of minerals necessary to help rebuild and sustain the integrity of the skin. Use in acne treatments and re-hydration formulas.

facial blending oil dermodality

Blending Oil is designed as a natural carrier for blending all powder bases. Adds lubrication, smoothness and hydration to the bases. Recommended only for mixing.

h2t moisturizing serum

Moisturizing Serum is used as a base for all customized serum formulations and as an additive for skin that needs a boost of hydration.

gel mask

Gel Mask is used in moisturizing, soothing and age minimizing formulations, as well as in post treatment (peels) and post environment exposure (wind, sun). Helps reduce redness.

facial massage cream

Facial Massage Cream is to be used for formulations that would include facial manipulation or massage.

seaweed mask for estheticians

Seaweed Mask is used in moisturizing, soothing and age minimizing formulations, as well as in post treatment (peels) and post environment exposure (wind, sun). Helps reduce redness.

rhassoul clay mask

Rhassoul Clay Mask is used in oil reducing, detoxifying and hydration normalizing formulation. Needs to be blended with water and blending oil (carrier). Primary function is to draw oil from the skin and bring moisture into the skin. Creates clarity in the skin and even tone. (Not recommended to be used with steam or as a pre-extraction mask.) Most effective if allowed to dry.

oatmeal mask

Oatmeal Mask is used for reactive skin conditions such as allergic reactions, post trauma and other irritations. Can also be used after waxing to reduce redness and inflammation. Needs to be kept moist in the pre-existing forms of sensitivity, such as rosacea, chronic dryness and moisture imbalances. Soothing and calming. Can be used as a pre-extraction mask. Should be used with steam or mask will dry.

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