Pure Retinol 20/20 Peel


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Pure Retinol 20/20 Peel
20% Retinol, 10% Lactic Acid, 10% Mandelic Acid

This highly-concentrated retinol, lactic & mandelic acid formula, reduces irritation and discomfort while minimizing pore size. It should be used over TCA, Salicylic, Modified Jessner, Jessner Peels.

Last step in peel process. Do not remove. The client wears home.


  • User over TCA, Salicylic, Modified Jessner, Jessner Peels
  • Instantly reduces irritation and discomfort, minimizes pore size
  • Highly concentrated retinol, lactic, & mandelic acid formula
  • Enhances natural rejuvenation process


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